Dear Ghanaian writer…

Writers are creators, they create with their words.

There was a conversation on my TL where people were asked to mention their favorite Ghanaian novel. Some people complained that most Ghanaian writers didn’t expand their stories well, the drama was too raw and the twists and turns were obvious. I realized something too, the story lines were usually one of these; Pre-colonial Ghana, Colonial Ghana, post colonial Ghana, ananse stories, traditions and culture or bad things happening in our society.

But can Ghanaian writers try completely new stuff? Like create a mythical world,create their own creatures, their own universe? Who would have thought there could be a part of London that was only accessible to witches? Or a whole new world existed behind a wardrobe? Or some people were being ruled by an evil ring? Or better still we could have our own super heroes who will fight all these corrupt and greedy men in society. Stories like these play with our imagination and help us create things we didn’t know could exist. Enid Blyton wrote some great books for children, are there any Ghanaian books children can read and build their imagination? You see people have the Batman/Superman who is stronger argument, you might think its childish but it takes a lot of thinking and imagining and creating (Batman will win though).

All I’m saying is, imagination brings about inventions, some time back, video calls and tablets existed only in movies but now its real.Can Ghanaian authors help us imagine and create? Can they excite us? Can they write stories that will inspire us to become better people and build a better society?

A questioning me,

ps. My fav Ghanaian novel is Money Galore by Amu Djoleto. I will talk about that book in my next post


Content is king

I borrowed this title from the upcoming #BlogCamp13 event which happens this Saturday 23rd March, 2013. I was chatting with a friend, talking about my childhood and it occurred to me that content really matters. Blogging is really simple, register with either wordpress or blogger or join twitter and you are a blogger but people stopped blogging because they said it was difficult maintaining a blog and having to deal with the writer’s block disease.

Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well.The contents of the blog or whatever we are reading really matters. Children are naturally curious and reading answers most of their questions, now let’s say we get a child to read, next question is what is he/she reading? This is where content comes in, reading changes lives (I know this) and this makes writers very important people eg. Enid Blyton. Is the child reading quality, life changing English or terrible English(I’ve seen some that confused me)? Their absorbent minds will take everything in, so imagine your child learning all that horrible English we see in books or hear on tv or even read on twitter. It was after I started blogging that I really began to appreciate English as a course. When a person wants to offer English as a course in the University, people can ask silly questions like “What work will you do after school?”, “Do you want to be a teacher?”, The worst I heard was “Ah, did you fail your WASSCE?”. I realized Ghanaians in general, don’t know the effect reading and writing has on our lives. No wonder university students can write and speak English that would send shivers down your spine, and they usually do this using LAFA. -__-

But its great to know there are Ghanaians who still believe in reading and writing and are trying to promote it(They aren’t only talking). This is what we need as a nation, its good to know that slowly but surely books and articles are going to be written with quality content that would shape the future of the nation and change the negative mentality of Ghanaians.

An optimistic me,