Was woman made to be enslaved?

Strange question, but yes, it has popped up in my thought train a thousand times and more. I look at society and wonder what went wrong. Every day we hear of one rape situation here, domestic violence here, broken heart leading to insanity there, single parenting, cheating in marriage etc.

I recently saw a quote, “Men are supposed to respect women, but women are supposed to give man something to respect”, and I was like hey, even the fact that you stayed in a woman for 9 months gives you a reason to respect her or? Well not everyone thinks that way. But right now, I want to rest the man oppressing woman talk for just this post, I want to talk about another. “Women,give man something to respect”, I encountered, actively and passively some situations in my university. First, A guy slapping and beating his GIRLFRIEND, his reason was, the girl wasn’t showing him respect. The guy practically dragged her back to his room and she was apologizing amidst tears. Second one, a girl whose boyfriend has given her a set of rules, who she can talk to and who she can’t talk to. She goes to do his housekeeping and in the case she doesn’t clean well, the guy gets angry and she apologizes for not doing the “work” well, he can decide not to talk to her and she gets all upset and worried and cries for days even to the extent of not attending classes. Third one, this guy who emotionally abuses his girlfriend, always calling her nasty names, leaving her sad and depressed, and she is still with him, she once caught him having sex with another girl, she got angry, packed her stuff from his room and left, a few days later she went to apologize to the guy for reacting like that. Please, the girls I’m talking about here are university girls, they all wrote WASSCE and they are offering courses like engineering, sciences, social sciences, etc.

You might be saying, “Ah these girls are stupid, why don’t they just leave the guys”. There is this audio clip where a girl asks her boyfriend for GhC5000 for a phone and other stuff and the guy goes like “Herh!! The number you are calling is either switched off or out of coverage area”.

The question I’m asking here is, we as women, are we giving men something to respect? Because I honestly don’t see any self respecting woman taking that kind of abuse and staying. Do we even know our worth as women or we are just following the woman empowerment- feminism train? Do we even understand it? It’s different when men disrespect you for being a woman, and it’s different when we allow ourselves to be disrespected by man all in the name of love. Woman was not meant to be dependent on man, in fact, unless you are a child or handicapped (Even they don’t like being dependent), you have absolutely no right to be totally and completely dependent on another human being. Women, let’s make all those who died fighting for us to get the right to speak, proud. We have found our voices, let’s not enslave ourselves again.

An empowered me,



Black was beautiful

This isn’t a racist post.

This article was supposed to address bleaching in our society. I sat in a car with a woman who had bleached, I almost jumped out of the moving vehicle, but while I was writing, other things came to mind. Like why would someone want to change the color of his/her skin? I mean we all hear the usual “black is beautiful”, “black and proud”, “black beauty”, etc. Why would someone even lighten/tone/bleach the black away so he/she becomes fair skinned.

I read that some people have the mentality that being fair is attributed to being successful socially, economically and romantically. Most of the celebrities we know and look up to are light-skinned so its just normal to assume that you can become successful when you are white. The annoying part is when those who bleach add the locally acquired foreign accent(LAFA) to it ( that’s another thing altogether). People spend a lot of money on creams and they also put their lives at risk because these creams contain dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury. The one that almost killed me was when I heard some men buy the bleaching creams for their wives and some of these men themselves bleach!

Borrowed from google

Borrowed from google

The dangers of bleaching are so real, and we have been educated several times but we still do it. Is it that we feel inferior because of our skin color? Or because we are racially abused, we want to “fit into” society? I just don’t get it. Some even go to the extent of saying they feel more accepted and confident when they are fair (true story). Its like everything that is from Europe or America is good but everything from Africa is bad, dirty, etc.

We have been made to believe white is good, and black is bad. Where did this come from at all? Will Africa(the Dark Continent) ever develop? How would it develop when we those supposed to develop it don’t want to be associated with it?

I just don’t understand why someone would risk getting cancer, destroy his/her skin, develop a pungent smell and get discolored just to be accepted! Is it a sin to be dark skinned? My simple question is, is it worth it at all? If someone can’t accept you because of your skin color, I don’t think the person is worth your time at all. Bleaching/toning/lightening the dark skin is too risky and its not worth it. Black is and will always be beautiful and naturally fair-skinned people too are beautiful.

Be yourself.

A darkskinned and proud me,