Vote? No, not me

I don’t vote because I’m not a registered voter, unregistered by choice. Why? Well I’m a happy, patriotic Ghanaian. I know what you are saying; “when you don’t vote, others will make the choice for you”, “your vote is your power”, bla bla bla… I’ve heard them all, but as you might have figured, I don’t care.

Wait, don’t judge and condemn me yet, let me land first. When you listen, watch and read the news, you will understand. We have politicians who politicize EVERYTHING from education to health. You don’t need knowledge about rocket science or even a 3rd of Einstein’s brain to know that anyone who politicizes agriculture, education and health isn’t serious.

First we had the 3-year educational system, then by some strange revelation, they said that 4 years is the best. Then the next government came and said 3 years is the best. Now we have another group saying FREE SHS education. When will they realize that its not about free; free education is possible but is it feasible here in Ghana where free things aren’t appreciated? What about the disgruntled teachers, will their salaries be increased? Because they have to be happy to teach effectively. What about facilities? Or learning under trees would become a new style, and leaking roofs would be the new “in thing”? And the professional tyrants who don’t like schooling, how will they be convinced to go? What about the feeding fees, where will the money come from to feed the students? And don’t tell me school feeding system, if you attended a public SHS, you will know that even dogs turn their noses at the food served in the dining halls. And let’s say the free thing happens, will university education too be free? And which universities will accommodate the students? Free and quality are like water and oil, I would prefer quality and affordable schooling.

Agriculture, we have food spoiling in the villages because there are no good roads to bring them to the cities. Each village has an MP who owns a flashy 4X4 wheel car, I believe they don’t feel the impact of the pot holes, they don’t even visit the villages unless there is an election. They just parade their cars around Accra and sleep when issues are seriously being discussed in the parliament house.

Health insurance? How it got involved with politics I don’t understand. A dying man gets to the hospital, the first question he is asked is ” Do you have the health insurance card?”  Even when he has it, he will go through the process because the hospital doesn’t want problems when claiming their money.  The most vital drugs aren’t supported by health insurance,but  if in case they are, then they are finished, they are always out of supply.

In economics, the man named free doesn’t exist. Whatever you do has a cost. I hear people say the oil money can cater for the free education and healthcare and improve agriculture, that even makes me lol. You think politicians would sit back and watch all that money educate, take care and feed someone they don’t know? I’m not here to condemn any party,  I’m just saying that Im not going to waste my time and stand in a very long queue( no item 13 to refresh me too) for half a day to vote for someone who cares not for me or the country. Even if the person doesn’t cheat you, there would always be that black sheep in the party who would still squander our money and joke with our lives.

For what its worth, the best CEO in Ghana was once a military man.

A “powerless” me,