Future Leaders or Future Porn stars?

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The rise of sexual immorality in Junior High Schools (JHS) in Ghana should not surprise the Ghana Education Service (GES).  They should query the media; with their “censorship” and good kind of filtering, it’s no wonder the moral fiber of our society is crumbling.

Most schools are out for the day somewhere around 3pm. I can’t speak much for the children before me, but at least when I was a kid, television shows around 3pm were “clean” cartoons and shows like Power Rangers, Tele Class, Hobby Time,  By the Fireside(Kweku Ananse), and other educative and entertaining shows. What have children to watch these days? Telenovela upon telenovela upon sexually charged, philandering, angst-ridden telenovela. Not to forget the typical crass Nigerian/Ghanaian movie. They can show 5 telenovelas back to back,on just 1 station. My issue with these isn’t that they have all kinds of unethical/immoral acts in them, but rather that they don’t rebuke these acts. Have you ever heard the line, “The moral of this story is…”? Well, our television is grossly failing us in that respect; these shows these days teach no, if any, admirable values to children.

Need I talk about some Ghanaian/Nigerian movies being made nowadays? Personally, I think much, nay; too much has been said about them. Sex sells they said. They just show a lot of graphic sexual content and our kids get a hold of these movies to watch. Kids and teenagers easily absorb such stuff, after all, they are still young and hardly know that there are consequences to every action. They are easily influenced by these things and given that they are in their formative years, this influence leads them to all kinds of debauchery.

Then there are the newspapers. The next time you are passing by a newspaper stand just stop and look at some of the papers in circulation – sexually-laden publications that masquerade as “newspapers”. They are readily on our newsstands and their front pages leave nothing to the imagination. The curious minds of these young ones would capture and their tender minds would be corrupted. What else do we expect the kids to do? Their minds have been filled with so much garbage that they have even started dating in class 3 and some end up recording their sexual exploits to show their friends.

I’m all for culture adaptation, there is a lot we can learn from one another across the globe, but I draw the line when what we inculcate into our impressionable children (or society, to be thorough) is not respectable, ethical or moral. Now, I’m not saying that children are all angels and our media is solely to blame for their behavior, but the very environment around them should inspire decency. The media will show what sells, but if we don’t patronize the rubbish they give us, they will be more attentive to what they show.  I think parents and responsible adults are obliged to protest at least for the future of the nation. But then again, most parents are at work around these times, the main reason why the media should help. The media has to consider the future generation and check the content of their programmes. Unless, of course, they want us to have an immoral and corrupt future where every “non-lethal” immorality is accepted. God help Ghana.

A troubled Us, anonymous233 and Cheese McAwesome

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Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA)

I hate LAFA, I totally hate it! Ok, let me start well. Locally Acquired Foreign Accent is a fake accent a Ghanaian puts on when speaking Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England or President Obama’s English. They try to “slur” the English, often it’s the American English they prefer. It’s even worse with those who have actually travelled, someone you just escorted to the airport, calls you on arrival and he has miraculously developed a foreign accent and not even 48 hours have passed.

It is not like the Ghanaian English accent is terrible, there are other African countries that have heavy accents but they don’t even worry about it. Naturally we Ghanaians prefer foreign things and made in Ghana goods don’t appeal to us, but it is very surprising how we can learn a whole new lifestyle from just watching television, especially the way we learn the foreign accent from JUST watching foreign movies. Take a look at our local television; most of those who appear on them are fair Ghanaians who have lived half of their lives in foreign countries so the accent comes naturally. Now if a local breed chicken Ghanaian also wants to appear on television, its natural they would also want to fit in so they can bleach tamper with their skin color then learn the foreign accent locally and then they are set to appear on television.

But its annoying, that’s my point. Some of these people who try to speak the LAFA can’t even speak good English and the LAFA they are speak is riddled with so many grammatical errors (I’m not a grammar Nazi but at times it gets unbearable) filled with “r” slur (every pronounced word must have an r sound in it). It’s not right, we should think about our young brothers, sisters and kids watching television and think about the fact that they will learn this rubbish. Very soon the Ghanaian English will become extinct and all we will have is this virus spreading faster than light called LAFA.

I’m sure very soon some will start using the accent the French use when they are speaking English or even learn the Chinese accent.

An Anti-LAFA me,


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Ghanaian Movies,my drama with a producer…

I’m not a big fan of Ghanaian movies, I’m not saying they are all bad but some story lines are terrible and the sequels are just too much, the ‘part 1’s, ‘2’s to ‘1000’s. They are doing well and being innovative though especially those in Kumasi(KumaWood). If each CD costs 5 Cedis, then after making parts 1 through 5, the producer is going to make roughly 25 Cedis, even though it’s a needlessly long drawn story.  After staying in Kumasi for a while, I realized that those in Kumasi buy the movies a lot due to good advertisements using media like the television, radio and posters.

Piracy is a big issue, not only in Ghana but the whole world. A young movie industry like Ghana’s, Ghallywood (a terrible name for the Ghanaian movie industry), could be destroyed due to piracy. But some Ghanaian producers have found ways of combating this by making money through premiering the movie before they release the DVD version. Some producers even make their DVDs write protected. But some too have decided to catch and sue people who have pirated their movies.

I saw a tweet that said if someone sees anyone with a pendrive version of her movies, he should report for a $1000 reward. Then they caught some people and she sued them for $100,000. My point is this, instead of going round twitter, looking for people who have pirated your movies,why don’t you just find a way of protecting your movies? Its not like she is the one coming to end piracy in Ghana because copyright laws in Ghana are “some way”. Look at the Avengers movie, on its release, it made over $200 million dollars, but go to the internet right now you will get movies there to watch all you have to do is download it. Even most of the software people use is pirated; piracy is quite ubiquitous in Ghana. I’m not saying piracy is right, far from that, my point is – to make money in a place like Ghana, you need to be innovative and catching people shouldn’t be the first and only option.

So I tweeted that “Laila Djansi kraa she say what? One small movie this producer has made and she is going around catching people. The movie we wont even watch”. This got her very angry, and she tweeted back in anger(I don’t know if its her or her PA).

So this was her reply:
“since the “small” movie cost me a lot to make, do me a favor. Don’t watch it. U’d think a citizen like u wld encourage ur peeps and campaign against piracy. Ever heard of karma? Yeah. Its gonna get u soon. Don’t ever create anything. Cos if u do,I pray its stolen and u loose EVERY DIME u invest in it. #shameful. 80 prcnt of all buildings, church, clinic etc in the “small” movie were built from scratch. Building cost 70000dollars. Fyi how abt I start publishing stuff from ur blog all over and not credit u for it? I’m sure that will be so fun. Yeah?”

Hmm, so I’m thinking, instead of her getting angry and cursing me (I went to her twitter feed and its full of insulting people over piracy) why doesn’t she get innovative and get her money’s worth after she releases the movie? Or else maybe she should just make movies and show them in the USA because as we all know the people there don’t pirate movies. But well, I have nothing more to say…

A speechless me, anonymous233