How to vote wisely,peacefully and maturely


1. Go to the polling station, follow the necessary rules, cast your vote and leave the area peacefully. Go home, you can vote only once. Don’t loiter around and make yourself a tool for the devil.

2. In case you want to observe proceedings, you may go home and come back at 5pm to observe the counting of votes or you could sit in a corner QUIETLY and make yourself invisible. But its better you just go home and follow proceedings on tv, even GTV is bringing you updates, you won’t miss anything.

3. When in the queue, if you observe anything illegal, don’t try to take the person on, you are not superman. There are policemen at every polling station. Just inform them. Maybe you saw an underage person, or someone who has already voted, or some party officials who are conducting some nasty business. Just tell the police, let them take care of it.

5. Don’t spread false information. Don’t talk about something you haven’t seen. You know bad news spreads faster than good news. Even if you see it, don’t exaggerate the information by adding and removing details to make your story more action packed. Don’t call a radio station or any media house and shout “fight oh fight” and cut the call. Talk to the policemen around, they are well equipped to handle every situation. Again, if you didn’t see it, don’t exaggerate what you didn’t see. Don’t spread unverified information on social networks too. In fact, today, avoid all social network fights.

6. In the queue, avoid arguments. Don’t wear any party colors to the place, I’m sure by now, everyone in your hood knows which party you support. Don’t argue, instead start a conversation with someone you have admired in the area for long, you never know, maybe he/she also admires you.

7. Don’t leave a chair/stone/or any inanimate object in the queue and go home and return expecting the object to have moved. Everyone is in the queue, don’t try to be smart and jump the queue. If someone decides to move the object for you, good for you, if not just join the line from the back. Don’t be silly and start a queue fight.

Finally, we vote at 18 because it is believed by then, the average person is mature. If you are silly enough to fight or allow yourself to be used by the devil or any political party, know that, those people are citizens in other countries, they will leave you here and observe your stupidity on CNN or BBC. Also, Nsawam prison is not a place to be. Be WISE and MATURE just for today. The results would be announced on GTV soon, may the best party win. We the children want to celebrate Christmas so love your neighbour as yourself.

Anonymous233 votes…


Long term parties, short term plans…

On the 6th of March, 1957, Ghana attained independence, thanks to the vision of our father, our first prime minister and our first president, the late Osagyefo Dr. (Francis) Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory. He had a dream for Ghana, a long term vision and He fought for our independence from our beloved colonial masters, the British.

Kwame Nkrumah started setting the standard from there, building hospitals, roads, habours, the Akosombo dam,the Accra-Tema motorway, mining companies, etc. Yes, He had his faults but he was a man of vision unlike those who later assumed office after he was overthrown by a coup d’état. He should have checked to see if Ghanaians were ready to be independent. We have had visionless, selfish leaders since he was overthrown.

The British helped us to develop, even though they were also taking our natural resources. Structures like Korle Bu hospital still exist. The main reason I believe, we wanted the British to leave was so that we too could spend some of the money and satisfy our selfish desires. While the British liked hard work, most Ghanaians liked to laze around all day and get paid at the end of the month and they still do it. If you are in doubt, just enter one of the ministries and see government workers, sleeping, staking lotto or gossiping while the big men spend money ruthlessly.

Most of the structures Kwame Nkrumah built are still standing and are generating revenue for the nation.The politicians we now have only know how to lie, of course, and plan short term. They only think about today, and how they are going to win elections and win the following term also, so they start something for the people to see, the people then re-elect them to continue the “good work” which they will leave uncompleted. Then the load falls on the next person that assumes the position, he too will leave what that government started and set about deceiving us by starting some of his “promises”. Where will all these lead us? If Kwame Nkrumah had started the motorway or the Tema habour or the Akosombo dam and left them after 8 years, who would have continued it?

It should not be a matter of this party or that party,We should be looking at people who have plans for the nation because honestly, some of the politicians around have no plans for the nation, their only plan is to increase their bank balances with money the poor and average Ghanaian has paid as tax. Vision 2020? Vision middle income? What are those at all? When all what is being built are public toilets and roads that last for only 6 months? Free basic education? Free maternal health care? National health insurance scheme? Did the previous government even research well into these things before starting them? Or elections were drawing near and something was needed to boost the party’s image? Now this uncompleted project becomes a burden for the new government and those in the old government are going to say the new government could not complete it. Now the new government would not want to complete those projects because, one, its going slow down their project which would cut short their campaign message the next election period and, two, they won’t want to complete it because they fear the credit would go to the previous government. So the cycle continues, leaving a bunch of uncompleted projects making the nation an uncompleted one.

Look at Malaysia, who were also under the British and attained independence 31 August 1957, Oil palm is their main cash crop as compared to Ghana who has gold and cocoa just to mention a few, but Malaysia is far more advanced than Ghana. It’s very sad. Ghana needs politicians who have long term plans and we need to stop these partisan politics and think about what we are going to leave for the coming generation. Time wasting doing unnecessary things like arguing on the radio and arguing trivial politics is not going to take us anywhere.

Its like Ghana is still living the dream of Kwame Nkrumah, when will we have someone who will have his dream and move this country forward? We have been stagnant since independence. Vote wisely

A worried me, anonymous233




Ghana decides?

I have been quiet for a while, I apologize to my readers but being a student isn’t easy. Not that I’m complaining. I would like to keep this short and straight to the point. Its a topic I don’t like discussing, politics.After listening to the radio and following elections that took place in my school, I understand why Ghana has a lot of corrupt politicians.

The time has come for Ghanaians to decide who will be our next leader. But are Ghanaians really deciding? Is Ghana making the right choice? What influences our decision in choosing a suitable leader for our dear motherland? Are the candidates competent? More importantly, are the voters competent enough to choose a competent leader? All these are but a few questions that trouble my mind.

Voters are supposed to listen to the  manifestos of the candidates and also listen to presidential debates. Then from what the candidates say, they can decide who to vote for. Well, that is the ideal situation, but let’s face reality, we prefer voting based purely on sentiments, what I choose to call “SENTIMENTAL VOTING”. Voters do not even know what the manifesto says or what the candidates have in store for the nation.They just need to like one candidate, or hate another. Or like one party and hate another. Some voters don’t even care who is representing their party, all they want is victory in the polls for their party. But what if the person representing the party is not competent? or at all cost, the party must win? Is the voter willing to vote for the opposition party because the candidate representing that party is more competent?

What annoys me most is what I call “TRIBALISTIC VOTING”. The party must originate from their tribe. If one party is formed by one tribe and has most of its members coming from that tribe then you must expect that party to win in that particular tribe. Is this right? So what if the tribe members are the majority in the nation, meaning that party would always win the elections whether the candidates representing them are competent or not.

Now if the candidates are smart enough,they could motivate the voters by buying their votes. They give some money here, organize an event there, splashing money around. “SELFISH VOTING”, that is what I call it and the voters too are only thinking about how to temporarily fill their stomachs.  It boils down to this, we vote for selfish reasons, not even thinking about how our decision is going to affect the growth of our beloved motherland.

As we visit the polls, I pray that we consider all candidates and attach logic to our decisions. We should vote for people who are competent enough to make Ghana a better place than they met it. Your vote is your power, we should vote to make Ghana a better place and stop blaming politicians because honestly, we put them there. We should vote these insult filled politicians out of our government and off radio stations. Ghana deserves better.