ECG chronicles

The black outs are normal now,we even follow a schedule. ECG is the unifying factor in Ghana now; When the lights go off, both the poor and rich shout OOOO, when they come back on, both the young and old shout YEAH!! ECG is that childhood bully who took your lunch money and in case you were never bullied, ECG is that hungry macho man who crosses you in the waakye queue and buys for his whole family (before I go on, let me share this, never complain when a macho man crosses you in a waakye queue, 2 things not to joke with, a hungry man and a macho man. I have done my part).

Back to ECG, We play the blame game when the lights go off;the president this, the president that. We forget he has appointed people to work and ensure we have lights, yes, the president isn’t the ECG boss(surprised?). One morning, I received a message from my friend, a first class graduate from business school who said, “Let’s go and be sweepers at ECG” O_0 then she mentioned how much a clerk there earned: GHC 2100, they earn 21 million old Ghana cedis (I almost sent my CV there) so you can imagine how much a boss there is earning, meaning they are being paid well, yet… Our lights aren’t assured. Have I talked about how they are planning to increase our bills by 200% ? When its the big companies who most of the time don’t pay their bills?

The blame game isn’t working, let’s try another method. Have we considered another source of electricity apart from the one we have? We always complain every time the lights go off ( Don’t you get tired?) We have so much sunlight and it scorches more nowadays (maybe God is bringing it to our attention), people have started selling solar panels but apart from solar, what else? There are a lot of things around we could convert to electricity. We should start thinking about different and cheaper ways to generate electricity (I hate generators because of the noise,and cost of fuel). I think that would be more beneficial. When I get one, I would just call ECG and tell them to come for their cables. Till then, let’s remain innovative, a solution is always close by.

ECG can’t put the lights off at the end of your tunnel,


Pre Easter frustrations- temporary policemen?

Ok so this is not how I thought my first post would turn out to be, I expected more pomp and pagentry but it has swerved me.
Let me get on with business,what happened? It all started with ECG(electricity company,Ghana) the official body in charge of providing electrical power. First there was a nationwide black out followed by very high current which of course blew my laptop adapter.  I had to break my piggy bank to repair it and that went into my easter celebration savings. That aside, I went to the repairer hoping and praying for instant repairs and I was assured. “Take a seat,I will be done soon.” I checked my time,it was 4:30.
Then it happened,we heard a scream outside. At first I thought it was a dog being hit by a car so I ignored it, then it came again. It sounded more human this time around so I went out. A guy was brought down to hit the hard earth wrestling style. What was going on?

The helpless guy was actually a suspected armed robber who attacked students and took their laptops at gunpoint. Apparently the guy doing the beating had recognised him after he robbed him in February and he wasn’t ready to hear him out,all he wanted was his laptop. The guys in the area upon hearing this joined in the beating.Beating and slapping and hitting him with all kinds of objects,all kinds. Sticks,stones etc. He was beaten till blood was oozing out of his mouth like a fountain..


You might be asking yourself so what? Its normal, a thief has been caught. But my issue here is the instant justice being metted out. What shows he is a thief? Who pronounced him guilty?But yes you have a point, the trauma experienced after being robbed is too much, expecially at gun point. And funnily enough, all those who took part in the action had been robbed before.It might not have been by him, but once he has been declared a thief, people have to vent their spleen. As a thief,you will be unlucky if that is actually your first time because you will be punished for the sins of your fellow brothers in the trade.

In the best case senario,you could either run to the nearest police station or pray someone calls the policeman. In the worst case scenario, you would get a generous person willing to buy petrol and another bringing car tires. Then after the beating,you would be dragged to an open area with the tyres put around you,petrol poured on you,voila! We have a human bonfire.

But again I ask,is this action right? What if the person is innocent?What about a case of mistaken identity?  Even if he is guilty, we have working laws right? Right? Someone said “When we send him to the police,they won’t do anything so lets beat him first.” and that might actually be true.
A human being beaten like a dog,no one deserves that. But no one also deserves to be robbed at gun point or  injured for property he toiled to acquire.
So readers I will leave this question for you to answer, Is mob justice fair?
Anyway my repairer went to take part in the action and forgot I had a time limit. He came back around 5:50 and said “Come back tomorrow for it.” and I said “In your dreams sir. Give me my adapter so I look for a serious minded repairer.”(all in my mind of course you should see how built he was). I actually said “I want to take it away,I’ll bring it tomorrow.” Then left never to come back. I have to thank ECG for this experience even though my tv and bulb blew too.So here I am writing in the dark..

Me, anonymous