Dear Chrife Brother

You are killing me. Seriously. You are amazing, you know that? You are single-handedly, sorry, by the grace of God, a blameless, faultless, unwavering staunch son/daughter of The Most High (“Hallelujah!”, “Preach on!”, “Tell them!”, ad nauseum.). You walk perpendicular to the ground, with heavy frowns as if you had just been baptized in lime juice. You’re at every church meeting and greet people with your ‘prayer tongues’ before you can proceed to conversation. Dating? Preposterous. Lest you contaminate yourself. You can only date after “the spirit of the Lord has told you to marry someone or other”. And that is a great pickup line, really: God told me that we should marry. And it’s funnier still when God has told two people to marry the same person.Testimony time! Thanks for the thunderous applause when I come up to talk about how I didn’t study for a paper because I was doing “God’s work” but passed anyway. Or failed. Heck it doesn’t even matter, pass or fail. Let me talk about my porn addiction, and I get silence. I understand, none of you can relate as you have never been there. That’s fine. I completely get it: you are HOLY and we, mere mortals, are filthy sinners.

You have wholesome “christian fun” with each other (yes, with each other. Great socializing there.). Christian fun like… um…. like… er… Lime and spoon races? You don’t socialize with us because we will “reduce your anointing” and take “the spirit” away from you.

I love how you use the bible to justify all your actions. Especially, how you twist it. Ok, let’s talk about alcohol and sex (I saw you flinch) Can we agree that abuse of everything is bad? Yes. But occasionally taking alcohol isn’t a sin, is it? So what about when Jesus had wine with every meal? Does that make the son of God a sinner? We never heard of Jesus getting drunk though because he didn’t abuse alcohol, he didn’t rely on alcohol everyday, he wasn’t addicted. And sex, yes, fornication is bad,adultery too is bad. But you can’t tell me you don’t see girls and lust, that doesn’t mean you should have sex. The bible says you should flee from fornication. Flee. Don’t go to that sister’s room and tell me oh, I’m a strong man, God is with me. Stop behaving like those things don’t affect you. You are only living in denial. Don’t see me in town and tell me, you haven’t seen me in church for the past 3 weeks so I have backslidden, maybe I did sin, I can’t come to church knowing if I tell you, you will preach fire and brimstone upon my head. So you see me with my wicked haircut, shabbily dressed, listening to profane music, do you feel sorry for me and pray for me and try to talk to me? Or you point fingers at me, and thank God you aren’t like me? As a new convert, you don’t expect me to change over night. Or wait, I can pretend I have changed! I’m a baby christian for Christ’s sake, I can’t even crawl, how do you expect me to walk?

You ignore the people in the world because they are filthy. Who did Christ come to die for? The bible says we were saved not by works lest any man should boast. You were once also filthy and got saved “BY GRACE” so why don’t you want me to also enjoy the grace? As Paul said in Gal 2, “You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?” We are supposed to continue the walk in grace, not by works and when you can’t, you get frustrated and torment me the new believer and the other unsaved people. Can’t you be nice to them to attract them to Christianity? Jesus went to Zacchaeus the tax payer’s house to eat and he told the pharisees the healthy people don’t need doctors. You judge them,condemn them to hell, even the Holy Spirit doesn’t do that, he convicts! When a brother falls, he can’t even confide in another brother because his spirituality would be questioned. He continues to live in sin. All because you refuse to accept he is a human and can sin. We beg! Why don’t you love the brethren? WHY?

God knows us very well, He knows we sin, but He is encouraging us to repent and never do it again( even though we might). But he still forgives. He loves us so much. Dear chrife, Love and help a brother because in case it isn’t obvious, I am christian. And I am human. Fallible. Susceptible. Imperfect.

I may not be where God wants me to be, but thank God I’m not where I was yesterday.

A worried us
Anonymous233 and Cheese McAwesome