#233Entrepreneurs – The Beads Jewelry Maker

So I’m starting a new category where I talk about young Ghanaian entrepreneurs and change makers. There are plenty young people out there not waiting for others to do stuff for them, but who are creating their own opportunities.


I’ll start with someone who makes jewelry from beads, Naa Adjeley Mensah of “adjeley”. I follow her on Instagram and I saw some beautiful jewelry made from beads. I thought she was advertising for someone but I later found out she makes and sells them herself. I was impressed, not only by the beads and designs but the fact that she is venturing into a new field, doing what she is passionate about which has a potential of making money, all as a university student. Our educational system doesn’t really encourage activities which are not book oriented.


She started making beads in Jhs 1 and she sold her first jewelry in Jhs 1 too. She learnt how to make them on her own, she researches, watches videos and reads books, she didn’t really get an expert to learn from on the job. Design ideas come to her and she figures out how to make them. She didn’t end there, she went ahead to brand herself, everyone wants to be associated with something trustworthy and branding helps with that. In her experience so far, she has had good days and bad days but she is happy knowing that  people know about her and her jewelry. And yes, she is considering starting her own business after school. One important thing she has learnt is that, once something is beautiful, people will get interested and some would buy it.
I won’t say she is the only jewelry maker in Ghana, but she is doing something she loves and I think instead of the youth having the “get rich quick” attitude, they should have the “I love my job” attitude . The future is bright. Watch out for adjeley designs, made with love…



Black was beautiful

This isn’t a racist post.

This article was supposed to address bleaching in our society. I sat in a car with a woman who had bleached, I almost jumped out of the moving vehicle, but while I was writing, other things came to mind. Like why would someone want to change the color of his/her skin? I mean we all hear the usual “black is beautiful”, “black and proud”, “black beauty”, etc. Why would someone even lighten/tone/bleach the black away so he/she becomes fair skinned.

I read that some people have the mentality that being fair is attributed to being successful socially, economically and romantically. Most of the celebrities we know and look up to are light-skinned so its just normal to assume that you can become successful when you are white. The annoying part is when those who bleach add the locally acquired foreign accent(LAFA) to it ( that’s another thing altogether). People spend a lot of money on creams and they also put their lives at risk because these creams contain dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury. The one that almost killed me was when I heard some men buy the bleaching creams for their wives and some of these men themselves bleach!

Borrowed from google

Borrowed from google

The dangers of bleaching are so real, and we have been educated several times but we still do it. Is it that we feel inferior because of our skin color? Or because we are racially abused, we want to “fit into” society? I just don’t get it. Some even go to the extent of saying they feel more accepted and confident when they are fair (true story). Its like everything that is from Europe or America is good but everything from Africa is bad, dirty, etc.

We have been made to believe white is good, and black is bad. Where did this come from at all? Will Africa(the Dark Continent) ever develop? How would it develop when we those supposed to develop it don’t want to be associated with it?

I just don’t understand why someone would risk getting cancer, destroy his/her skin, develop a pungent smell and get discolored just to be accepted! Is it a sin to be dark skinned? My simple question is, is it worth it at all? If someone can’t accept you because of your skin color, I don’t think the person is worth your time at all. Bleaching/toning/lightening the dark skin is too risky and its not worth it. Black is and will always be beautiful and naturally fair-skinned people too are beautiful.

Be yourself.

A darkskinned and proud me,

Beauty contests: Beauty with brains?

There are so many beauty pageants in Ghana now. At first it was Miss “your region”, and then Miss Ghana, then Miss World and then it ended there. No weekly evictions, no voting, and it wasn’t a regular part of our life, it was a once-in-a-year event we patiently waited for. Nowadays, every week there is a Miss “something” going on somewhere (No names mentioned). I want to ask this: what happened to our fight for women rights and female emancipation? Where did it go? You may ask why I am asking these questions and what have they got to do with beauty pageants?

First question, isn’t it a little dehumanizing to give a woman a car based on the fact that she is “the fairest of them all”? Because ideally, the women model some clothes, then model in bikinis (which leave them almost naked) then they answer some “questions” (I doubt if the answers have any influence because it’s a BEAUTY contest after all) then the winner is awarded a car and some money.

Second question, why do they call it beauty with brains? Who on earth can exist without brains anyway? So I’ll call it intelligence, an “intelligent” woman who finds nothing wrong with parading herself around to get a free car, that kind of intelligence. Ok, so they want “intelligent” women who will solve a problem in society when she wins. Who are they kidding? These street children are suffering, being used as guinea pigs by our “beauty with brains” girls, because, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know of any organization founded by any past queen that is solving any problem in society. It is simple; come, walk around, and win a car.

Final question, why do beauty pageants get so many sponsors while the sponsors could just create an organization with all the money they pump into the event? Why must a beautiful girl (who has won a car) undertake that task? If you seriously want someone to handle a task or problem shouldn’t it be a well-qualified person? Most of the time, it’s young girls with little or no qualification who go for such events.How equipped are they?

This is how I see beauty pageants; men enjoy seeing beautiful women, so one smart person thought,”if men are watching then let’s put our logos and banners on and around these beautiful women while we have their attention. From the profits we make, we will buy a Chinese car for the women, give them some small cash and tell them it’s a beauty contest”. This is such a wonderful marketing strategy. Fashion designers also saw the opportunity for women to model their clothes free, and then the telecom companies also saw that people must vote so they also joined the wagon. All this money could be used to do research or even help our dear street children, but no, a beauty pageants are better. Every year, in fact every day we have a new beauty pageant. Female emancipation just flew into the trash can.
A “beautiful” me,
NB. Feel free to comment and speak your mind