First Ghanaian to receive a Nobel peace prize for lying

Fauster Atta Mensah is a Ghanaian legend, everyone should bow down to his greatness. A co-worker showed me his interview on GBC where he  lied to the whole nation (I hope GBC broadcasts don’t go international). This guy Fauster (I want to believe that is his real name) woke up one day and decided to catch everyone in Ghana “mugu” , it wasn’t even 1st of April!
I thought it was a joke till I googled his name and found some interesting articles about him, they looked very genuine.


Genuine to anyone who doesn’t know a lot about the internet. A Ghanaian had won a nobel peace prize for creating a robotic hand and he worked at NASA. Ok, just playing, the guy is a photoshop king, website designer and a good liar. He calls himself a computer scientist too 😦 but he deserves the prize– for fooling GBC, the broadcasting corporation of the nation (A simple search on google looking for nobel peace prize winners or Nasa workers would have saved them). The host Mr. Moomen must be feeling very stupid now, look at how a small boy took advantage of his ignorance, it’s like buying a phone at circle, only to get home to find a bar of soap, his mind was BLOWN, he was so impressed. LMAO.


Look at the photoshopped pictures here, what killed me in the video was “credit to NASA” .


I remember Barney from How I met your mother did something similar, he created websites of himself. It very easy to find him when his name was searched for,LOL. Our Ghanaian genius did same.


The biggest problem in Ghana now is journalism and the internet. We have some very lazy journalists who pick gossip from social media and create articles without verifying it’s validity. Like when a formerly respectable news agency’s website said some of the Boko Haram guys had been caught by the US army. The average Ghanaian is not tech savvy, they will believe everything on the internet, if our journalists cannot do a little research but rush to be “first to report” then they could be lying to us and we won’t even know. Worst case scenario, they could cause a war. Maybe they don’t know how powerful they are, but the copy and paste method is a ticking time bomb. Very very poor journalism.

The video
He even created a youtube channel(aljazeera breaking news). #boss

The question is this, why did he do this? What did he want to achieve?

In summary, the guy has won(I want to be like him when I grow up).
Ghanaian journalists – 0
Atta Fauster (NASA Ghana, Nobel peace prize recipient(Accra branch)) – 1

The Anonymous One