Ghana: Wasting human resources since 1957

Current state of the nation: Everything is up. Well, everything except the economy, that is. The way our economy is sinking into the ground, very soon it will discover crude oil and… Oops! That already happened. It’s still going down. But that is a post for another day.

You have heard the Ghana/ Malaysia story, about how we both attained independence in 1957 then they went ahead to develop while we are still at stage one. Ghana is that recalcitrant twin brother who smoked weed in high school, and now begs for money while Malaysia is that brother who was serious in school and is now a successful. Malaysia may not have a lot of natural resources, but they exploited their human resources. Ghana however, keeps wasting this important resource aside wasting the natural resources, yet we have the nerve to think Malaysia is our co equal (tweaa).

Look at our educational system; attending a government school for your primary/jhs education will make you disadvantaged. They just waste the children’s time there. Most of the teachers aren’t qualified, the children can’t speak good English, can’t think logically and lack understanding of basic mathematical and scientific theories. These intelligent children are just unlucky to be born poor and they are expected to write the same BECE with private school children. The top notch secondary schools have most of their students from international schools and private schools.

The public school children who struggle to get into the grade B schools have to write the WASSCE and compete to get into the University. If the school admits 6000 students, about 5500 are from 50 schools, the rest of the 1000+ schools, well… When they get there too, they have another hurdle to jump; how to get employed after school(Its like the struggle never ends). No disrespect, but how many people do you meet in the university from schools like Madina SHS? What happens to all those students?

What about the villages without the private schools and dedicated teachers? The children there are the ones who come to Accra to push the trucks and carry the load. This country is like a child prodigy who never became a big star when it grew up. We can become a developed country if we decide to work very hard, but no, its even funny. We can open an industry in every village/capital city, employ the people there to work, could be harvesting pineapples, processing them, exporting them. There are a lot of unemployed people and unskilled people roaming our streets and the government has not had a eureka moment to get these people to do something meaningful, that would benefit the nation (they will even work for 1gh an hour).

At times, I don’t even know what is wrong with our leaders, I don’t know how they think. They keep building a nation that will make the rich richer. Not everyone will be a boss of a company but at least, every Ghanaian should be living comfortably. I don’t think that is too much to ask…

I refuse to give up on Ghana,


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