On “men of God”

Before I start this, 2 things

1. I am a Christian, I believe God exists.
2. I am not generalizing, I believe there are true men who have set their lives apart to serve God and do his work.


“Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”, people hide behind this scripture to harm the masses. Some men of God are taking us for a ride as if politicians aren’t killing us enough. We have been taught not to question the system, for the religious sects,fear is used to oppress the people. I was watching tv quite recently and saw a white garment church having their Sunday service. First thing I realized was majority of the church members looked poor, second thing was the poor looking people were made to give offerings about 5 times in a 2 hour church service, not 1Gh, 2 Gh offering too.

I believe it started during the Pentecostal era,when we saw real men of God perform miracles and devote their lives to the teaching of the gospel. The fetish priests started losing their customers,any sensible man will take advantage of this and start a church. And the people respected the men of God, meaning their actions won’t be questioned. They did the obvious, they also started “churches”. And you know the interesting part? They could also perform “miracles”, “signs and wonders” and speak in “tongues”.

I don’t blame these con men at all, I blame we the Christians who have reduced God to a bank account. Our modern day Christianity has become “I want a car, a house, a spouse”,etc. Prosperity,blessings and success have been reduced to what we own; money, mammon. We have men of God who know nothing about the bible, but they can perform miracles so we follow them and throw the gospel away. These smart men threaten us with hell fire and they write strange books that just lie to us, tell us to pay consultation fees(I was surprised when I heard this), tell us to give offerings we don’t have. In our desperation do not question them, we just give, not reading our bibles anymore, and live by every word that falls out of the mouth of God these wicked men.

Let me reference the bible, I’m not talking out of ignorance. During Paul the Apostle’s time, there were people who were saying they were with Paul and could perform signs and wonders, yet they was operating under evil spirits, he found out and cast the spirits from them. Even in the Old Testament, the magicians in Egypt could do every thing that Moses did. We now have churches that are filled with thieves and liars, the same type of people Jesus Christ whipped out of the temple.

We forget they are human beings, imperfect. One man of God you trust so much, even more than God, will disappoint you and make you miss heaven because you will backslide and go into the world hating everything that has to do with God. See how dangerous these fake people are? They don’t teach on offerings and tithing, explain to us according to the word of God why we should tithe and give offerings. They just guilt us into doing it, making offering look so compulsory, and we end up giving to man and not to God(it really matters). They even preach “the once saved, forever saved” doctrine.

The bible says by their fruits we shall know them, not by their works. If a pastor takes advantage of you or isn’t living the God kind of life according to the bible, you don’t need an angel to tell you he is fake or just a beggar trying to make ends meet. Well, the good news is Christianity is not hard, living the love kind of life. A life in which we are led by the Holy Spirit, its not a life of pretense so we look good to our pastors and church members forgetting He who will judge us sees everything. Look at the life Christ lived, was he inhibited?

Think on these, and feel free to question issues you don’t understand. Life is a learning process.

Me, Anonymous233



  1. economistaTerry (@AbbanBudu) · September 13, 2013

    maybe it’s best I don’t even add my voice
    my faith itself is swinging
    pastors of today might just be part of the cause

  2. Efo Dela · September 13, 2013

    Haha!! The picture in this post is so apt. I’ve blogged about similar things a few times and recently found out most people assume I am an atheist.
    The good part about this Pastor business is it is totally legal and tax free!!

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