Cannibals with forks

We are cannibals armed with cutlery,
Stabbing one another in the back,
Eating one another and getting eaten.

We are predators lurking in the darkness,
Watching, waiting, and never weary,
For one of us to fall prey.

We are professional hunters driven by our bloodthirstiness
To harm, to hurt, to main, to kill
But like the chameleon, we dress to hide,
In a suit and a tie preferable.

We are humans with our hatred disguised
we look sane, but all we want
is to stab and eat one another on a plate,
with a fork.

We are who we are not because of what we do,
We do what we do because of who we are.
We are cannibals with forks.


How to vote wisely,peacefully and maturely


1. Go to the polling station, follow the necessary rules, cast your vote and leave the area peacefully. Go home, you can vote only once. Don’t loiter around and make yourself a tool for the devil.

2. In case you want to observe proceedings, you may go home and come back at 5pm to observe the counting of votes or you could sit in a corner QUIETLY and make yourself invisible. But its better you just go home and follow proceedings on tv, even GTV is bringing you updates, you won’t miss anything.

3. When in the queue, if you observe anything illegal, don’t try to take the person on, you are not superman. There are policemen at every polling station. Just inform them. Maybe you saw an underage person, or someone who has already voted, or some party officials who are conducting some nasty business. Just tell the police, let them take care of it.

5. Don’t spread false information. Don’t talk about something you haven’t seen. You know bad news spreads faster than good news. Even if you see it, don’t exaggerate the information by adding and removing details to make your story more action packed. Don’t call a radio station or any media house and shout “fight oh fight” and cut the call. Talk to the policemen around, they are well equipped to handle every situation. Again, if you didn’t see it, don’t exaggerate what you didn’t see. Don’t spread unverified information on social networks too. In fact, today, avoid all social network fights.

6. In the queue, avoid arguments. Don’t wear any party colors to the place, I’m sure by now, everyone in your hood knows which party you support. Don’t argue, instead start a conversation with someone you have admired in the area for long, you never know, maybe he/she also admires you.

7. Don’t leave a chair/stone/or any inanimate object in the queue and go home and return expecting the object to have moved. Everyone is in the queue, don’t try to be smart and jump the queue. If someone decides to move the object for you, good for you, if not just join the line from the back. Don’t be silly and start a queue fight.

Finally, we vote at 18 because it is believed by then, the average person is mature. If you are silly enough to fight or allow yourself to be used by the devil or any political party, know that, those people are citizens in other countries, they will leave you here and observe your stupidity on CNN or BBC. Also, Nsawam prison is not a place to be. Be WISE and MATURE just for today. The results would be announced on GTV soon, may the best party win. We the children want to celebrate Christmas so love your neighbour as yourself.

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