Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA)

I hate LAFA, I totally hate it! Ok, let me start well. Locally Acquired Foreign Accent is a fake accent a Ghanaian puts on when speaking Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England or President Obama’s English. They try to “slur” the English, often it’s the American English they prefer. It’s even worse with those who have actually travelled, someone you just escorted to the airport, calls you on arrival and he has miraculously developed a foreign accent and not even 48 hours have passed.

It is not like the Ghanaian English accent is terrible, there are other African countries that have heavy accents but they don’t even worry about it. Naturally we Ghanaians prefer foreign things and made in Ghana goods don’t appeal to us, but it is very surprising how we can learn a whole new lifestyle from just watching television, especially the way we learn the foreign accent from JUST watching foreign movies. Take a look at our local television; most of those who appear on them are fair Ghanaians who have lived half of their lives in foreign countries so the accent comes naturally. Now if a local breed chicken Ghanaian also wants to appear on television, its natural they would also want to fit in so they can bleach tamper with their skin color then learn the foreign accent locally and then they are set to appear on television.

But its annoying, that’s my point. Some of these people who try to speak the LAFA can’t even speak good English and the LAFA they are speak is riddled with so many grammatical errors (I’m not a grammar Nazi but at times it gets unbearable) filled with “r” slur (every pronounced word must have an r sound in it). It’s not right, we should think about our young brothers, sisters and kids watching television and think about the fact that they will learn this rubbish. Very soon the Ghanaian English will become extinct and all we will have is this virus spreading faster than light called LAFA.

I’m sure very soon some will start using the accent the French use when they are speaking English or even learn the Chinese accent.

An Anti-LAFA me,


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Beauty contests: Beauty with brains?

There are so many beauty pageants in Ghana now. At first it was Miss “your region”, and then Miss Ghana, then Miss World and then it ended there. No weekly evictions, no voting, and it wasn’t a regular part of our life, it was a once-in-a-year event we patiently waited for. Nowadays, every week there is a Miss “something” going on somewhere (No names mentioned). I want to ask this: what happened to our fight for women rights and female emancipation? Where did it go? You may ask why I am asking these questions and what have they got to do with beauty pageants?

First question, isn’t it a little dehumanizing to give a woman a car based on the fact that she is “the fairest of them all”? Because ideally, the women model some clothes, then model in bikinis (which leave them almost naked) then they answer some “questions” (I doubt if the answers have any influence because it’s a BEAUTY contest after all) then the winner is awarded a car and some money.

Second question, why do they call it beauty with brains? Who on earth can exist without brains anyway? So I’ll call it intelligence, an “intelligent” woman who finds nothing wrong with parading herself around to get a free car, that kind of intelligence. Ok, so they want “intelligent” women who will solve a problem in society when she wins. Who are they kidding? These street children are suffering, being used as guinea pigs by our “beauty with brains” girls, because, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know of any organization founded by any past queen that is solving any problem in society. It is simple; come, walk around, and win a car.

Final question, why do beauty pageants get so many sponsors while the sponsors could just create an organization with all the money they pump into the event? Why must a beautiful girl (who has won a car) undertake that task? If you seriously want someone to handle a task or problem shouldn’t it be a well-qualified person? Most of the time, it’s young girls with little or no qualification who go for such events.How equipped are they?

This is how I see beauty pageants; men enjoy seeing beautiful women, so one smart person thought,”if men are watching then let’s put our logos and banners on and around these beautiful women while we have their attention. From the profits we make, we will buy a Chinese car for the women, give them some small cash and tell them it’s a beauty contest”. This is such a wonderful marketing strategy. Fashion designers also saw the opportunity for women to model their clothes free, and then the telecom companies also saw that people must vote so they also joined the wagon. All this money could be used to do research or even help our dear street children, but no, a beauty pageants are better. Every year, in fact every day we have a new beauty pageant. Female emancipation just flew into the trash can.
A “beautiful” me,
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