Ghanaian Movies,my drama with a producer…

I’m not a big fan of Ghanaian movies, I’m not saying they are all bad but some story lines are terrible and the sequels are just too much, the ‘part 1’s, ‘2’s to ‘1000’s. They are doing well and being innovative though especially those in Kumasi(KumaWood). If each CD costs 5 Cedis, then after making parts 1 through 5, the producer is going to make roughly 25 Cedis, even though it’s a needlessly long drawn story.  After staying in Kumasi for a while, I realized that those in Kumasi buy the movies a lot due to good advertisements using media like the television, radio and posters.

Piracy is a big issue, not only in Ghana but the whole world. A young movie industry like Ghana’s, Ghallywood (a terrible name for the Ghanaian movie industry), could be destroyed due to piracy. But some Ghanaian producers have found ways of combating this by making money through premiering the movie before they release the DVD version. Some producers even make their DVDs write protected. But some too have decided to catch and sue people who have pirated their movies.

I saw a tweet that said if someone sees anyone with a pendrive version of her movies, he should report for a $1000 reward. Then they caught some people and she sued them for $100,000. My point is this, instead of going round twitter, looking for people who have pirated your movies,why don’t you just find a way of protecting your movies? Its not like she is the one coming to end piracy in Ghana because copyright laws in Ghana are “some way”. Look at the Avengers movie, on its release, it made over $200 million dollars, but go to the internet right now you will get movies there to watch all you have to do is download it. Even most of the software people use is pirated; piracy is quite ubiquitous in Ghana. I’m not saying piracy is right, far from that, my point is – to make money in a place like Ghana, you need to be innovative and catching people shouldn’t be the first and only option.

So I tweeted that “Laila Djansi kraa she say what? One small movie this producer has made and she is going around catching people. The movie we wont even watch”. This got her very angry, and she tweeted back in anger(I don’t know if its her or her PA).

So this was her reply:
“since the “small” movie cost me a lot to make, do me a favor. Don’t watch it. U’d think a citizen like u wld encourage ur peeps and campaign against piracy. Ever heard of karma? Yeah. Its gonna get u soon. Don’t ever create anything. Cos if u do,I pray its stolen and u loose EVERY DIME u invest in it. #shameful. 80 prcnt of all buildings, church, clinic etc in the “small” movie were built from scratch. Building cost 70000dollars. Fyi how abt I start publishing stuff from ur blog all over and not credit u for it? I’m sure that will be so fun. Yeah?”

Hmm, so I’m thinking, instead of her getting angry and cursing me (I went to her twitter feed and its full of insulting people over piracy) why doesn’t she get innovative and get her money’s worth after she releases the movie? Or else maybe she should just make movies and show them in the USA because as we all know the people there don’t pirate movies. But well, I have nothing more to say…

A speechless me, anonymous233


Customer service? I doubt…

So on my way to work today, I boarded a tro tro and the fare was 0.40Ghp.I gave the mate a GHc20 note not to punish him,I didn’t have anything smaller. When the mate saw the money, he asked if I had something smaller, I said no,all of a sudden, he got very angry and started insulting me. I was in shock! He asked me where he was going to get change. WHAT?! how was I supposed to know that? I was surprised,not because of the insults (its not necessary trading insults with mates, most of them are as frustrated as the smell of their shirts ) but because the mate was angry I didn’t have change! Then it occurred to me that most Ghanaian businesses (yes,tro tro too is a business >.>) have no respect for their customers, none at all.

Most businesses in Ghana offer haphazard services. Their philosophy is simple: This is what they offer, take it or leave it. In other countries,businesses go great lengths to make sure their customers are satisfied. In Ghana,even the phrase, ” The customer is always right” is unheard of. Ours is “If the customer doesn’t like the services being offered, then remember to close the door behind you”. Look at ECG (Electricity comes and goes Electricity Company of Ghana) for instance, its true its government owned and they are not a profit making organization, but we are paying and once we are paying,I believe we should receive better services.But no, they have decided to turn our homes into discos with 5 minutes lights off. I mean, if we wanted disco lights, we would have bought and installed them in our homes. They won’t even announce and tell us the reason they are putting the lights off.

Telephone and telecommunication companies?I need a whole book to write about them.They charge us ridiculous prices and offer terrible services. I even assumed that when they become more in the country, the competition would make them reduce prices and offer better services, well, I deceived myself. Its the same old thing, they keep organizing those text and win competitions and spamming us  which even adds insult to injury.

As for banks, you need patience from heaven to deal with them, especially Ghana Commercial Bank, Its like they are doing us a favor by running the bank. The tellers are always frowning and you can wait in line for eternity just to get served(We serve you better indeed!). No wonder the foreigners who have opened banks here are getting more customers. They also have issues, but as compared to the local ones, they are the lesser of two evils.

Well, I ended up not paying for the ride, because honestly, its not my job to look for change and the mate could have been nicer.

A surprised me, anonymous233